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The early stages

Energy and decarbonization journeys are long and complex, and we're a partner that's in it for the long term. As an extension of your team, we'll do the upfront integration work required to understand the nuances of your value chain, and craft a tailored strategy aligned with your desired pace of progress. We'll build the right foundations with all of your stakeholders and suppliers and set you up for success.

Getting back on track

Every energy and sustainability journey requires review and assessment. This means learning and growing from the challenges that have emerged and carving out resources for new opportunities. With 150 years of collective experience that spans 30 countries, we continue to help our clients realign with their vision and deepen their impact.

Maintaining momentum

Measuring, tracking, reporting, and briefing - implementing sustainability and energy initiatives is a multifaceted challenge. It intersects with every area of your business and is often a catalyst for commercial growth. Keeping all stakeholders motivated, aligned, and efficient in pursuit of your vision is where we come in. A purposeful partner-in-progress ready to drive tangible transformation.

Unlocking greater impact

With over 20 years of experience in energy markets and serving 30 countries globally, we've gathered a knowledge base that fosters innovation. Accelerated by technology and with a team that spans a broad range of services, our combined expertise creates innovative and efficient solutions. Powered by our smart Insights platform, we've got the know-how and the infrastructure to deliver impact at scale.

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