Integrated energy management - at scale

Balancing and tracking sustainability commitments and initiatives while seizing growth opportunities can be challenging. Trio is your partner-in-progress, collaborating with you to unlock greater impact on a larger scale.


In a dynamic world, innovation is the key ingredient in both advancing your energy initiatives and securing commercial success.

Strong financial performance is key to meaningful change. We advise you on smart, strategic energy procurement and management so you can stay ahead.

That means going further to understand the precise cost metrics that will best serve the project or moment, always bringing you an integrated approach to the market.

We balance immediate and upcoming financial costs and risks, your organization’s all-important ‘cost of carbon,’ and multiple contracting, technological, and logistical complexities to provide you with unmatched visibility, understanding, and advice that’s trained on all your objectives – all at once.

The result? Your organization’s financial health and decarbonization goals, present day and future, are nurtured at one and the same time.

Illuminating your next step
Wealth of knowledge

Our team is experienced in optimizing energy performance at scale, balancing multiple variables, and implementing measurable yet adaptable processes. With 50 of the Global Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 as our clients, unlocking sustained and steady growth is our ultimate goal.

Long-term resilllience

Our every action builds impact, unlocking near-term and long-term success – the kind that counts. We report meaningful, tangible results along the way, learning and improving in real time to help you reach – and exceed – your goals.

Technology for impact

Our client-centric technology puts you at the heart of your data, creating transparency and driving actionable insights. Visualize your natural gas, power and renewables data, track projects and developers, and provide buyers with detailed insights.

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