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Trio is a global sustainability and energy advisory company that helps large commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations navigate the clean energy transition. Trio provides integrated strategy and implementation offerings across sustainability, renewables, energy procurement, energy optimization, and transportation electrification to help the world’s largest organizations deliver on their strategic, financial and sustainability goals.

Sustainability Advisory

Understanding risk, reducing costs, and developing your corporate energy goals for the future. We meet your organization wherever you are in your sustainability journey, help you understand what you can achieve, and support you in the execution of your ambitious vision—accomplishing your sustainability goals.

Clean Energy Advisory

Going beyond energy strategy and procurement. We identify and structure unique projects to help meet your goals, managing risk to deploy renewables across complex portfolios.

Conventional Supply

Using a client-centric approach to deliver quantifiable value. Our team of energy advisors helps you establish customized strategic energy procurement plans, identify opportunities, manage risks, and develop renewable energy solutions that best meet your sustainability objectives.

Energy Optimization

Advising on and implementing complex energy efficiency and conservation projects. Leveraging technology and years of engineering expertise, we implement tailored and pragmatic enterprise energy solutions.

Transportation Electrification

Partnering with our clients as they electrify transportation. We help organizations make the positive business case for incorporating electric vehicles into operations while providing support through on-site charger implementation.

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