Our Story

Our story
From three brands to one vision...

Edison Energy, and affiliated companies Alfa Energy and Altenex Energy, unite under one new global name and brand - Trio.  

Edison Energy acquires Alfa Energy

Edison Energy acquires the international energy and sustainability consultancy Alfa Energy Ltd., as part of ongoing efforts to expand impact and offerings to clients and partners.

Edison Energy expands presence in Europe as Altenex Energy

Edison Energy expands sustainability and energy services in Europe under the name Altenex Energy, establishing a presence in the Netherlands. The expansion and launch allows the Edison Energy and Altenex Energy teams to seamlessly serve renewable and sustainability clients on both continents.

Edison International launches Edison Energy

Edison Energy is launched to help large customers lower costs in managing their energy portfolio, reduce complexity, and deliver on sustainability objectives.

Our committment

Wherever you are, we're here

The energy transition is evolving at a rapid pace, underpinning and interconnecting with almost every aspect of your business. It's reshaping the very essence of energy, infrastructure, and procurement strategies for the future. We stay ahead of the big-picture trends and translate them into objectives and results that are tailored to your vision and ethos.

At Trio, we unite all components of your sustainability puzzle, working to flex and adapt within the nuances of your timelines and goals.

What we do
Partnering with purpose

Through a strategic mix of data, technology, and industry-leading expertise, we deliver integrated solutions that help you manage carbon, cost, and complexity. Your financial health and climate goals - present day and future - are nurtured at the same time.

Our service mix includes solutions across sustainability, renewables, energy procurement, conventional supply, energy optimization and transportation electrification.

Our focus is partnering with purpose - as your full-service decarbonization partner, we'll guide you on navigating your needs of today while laying a roadmap for future opportunities.

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